Frequently Asked Question

Wondering when to call 911 compared to the non-emergency number? Curious about what Washington County 911 does? Check out our frequently asked questions below.

As a key rule, if you see something, say something

Make sure to notify dispatch at (979) 277-7373 each day you plan on burning. For example, if you start a burn pile on Monday and will be continuing to burn on Tuesday, report the controlled burn both days.

In short, if there is an immediate threat to life or property – such as a medical emergency, fire, car crash, fight, etc. – dial 911 immediately. If is to report something that is lapsed, call the non-emergency line at (979) 277-7373.

The very first thing you will be asked for when calling 911 is your location. This can be an exact address, a cross street to where you are at, or a business name. If calling about a person or vehicle, descriptors are best. For vehicles, try to take note of the color, make and model. For people, try to take note of gender, race, clothing descriptions.

A good question to start with is, “is what I am calling about something that is illegal?” Situations that this question may come up include:
– Child Custody: If both parties involved have custody of the child, without specifics listed by a court order (i.e. no court order exists or a shared-custody order has been granted), then both parties have a right to the child. Issues on what parent has the child in their custody would be a civil matter. If one parent has court documents stating they have full custody, then if the other parents takes the child, that would be a criminal offense and would be handled by law enforcement.
– Vehicles: If you have given person A permission to drive your car and they are not back by a time you feel is reasonable, this is not a stolen vehicle – this would be considered a civil issue. In a similar way, if you allow a family member to borrow your car, then they “borrow” it again without asking you before, it would still be a civil issue as you had previously given them permission.
– Getting items from previous residence: If you have belongings in a residence that is not yours and would like them back, this would be a civil issue. Officers and deputies do not do civil stand-bys. You would need to contact your Justice of the Peace and schedule a time to collect your belongings with a Constable on scene.

Reach out to your Justice of the Peace and they will be able to assist you.
Justice of the Peace Precinct 1: Judge Douglas Zwiener | Office: (979) 277-6260
Justice of the Peace Precinct 2: Judge Douglas F. Cone | Office: (979) 836-5008
Justice of the Peace Precinct 3: Judge Duane “Dane” Houston | Office: (979) 277-6225
Justice of the Peace Precinct 4: Judge Harold “Buddy” C. Riddle | Office: (979) 289-2921

For more information on the Justice of the Peace offices, click here.

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